ADESA Assurance protects all your eligible vehicle purchases by reimbursing you the purchase price, plus the buy fee.* If you decide you don’t want the vehicle for any reason, simply return it.

What you need to know...

What is ADESA Assurance?

ADESA Assurance takes the risk out of buying cars by allowing you to return any vehicle—for any reason. Our protection service is a 21-day return guarantee on eligible wholesale vehicles purchased at all U.S. ADESA auctions, LiveBlock, DealerBlock, UVA and mobile auctions. ADESA Assurance helps dealers save valuable time and buy more confidently—without the hassle.

How does ADESA Assurance work?

Buyers who want to purchase protection for vehicles at U.S. ADESA auctions, LiveBlock, UVA and mobile auctions will enroll in ADESA Assurance as a subscription service.

Buyers who purchase only DealerBlock vehicles on and want ADESA Assurance protection can select it at the time of check-out. Look for the "A" icon on the vehicle detail page for eligible DealerBlock inventory. A subscription service isn’t necessary.

ADESA Assurance cannot be added or removed after a sale.

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How to enroll for ADESA Assurance

(subscription service)

To enroll in the ADESA Assurance subscription service, the following information will be needed:

Preview the ADESA Assurance terms and conditions. The base price for subscription service is $180 per eligible vehicle.

Get Registered

For subscription service questions, contact ADESA at or call 833-322-9578.

Helpful Hints

We want you to get the most out of ADESA Assurance. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help:

What vehicles are eligible for ADESA Assurance?
ADESA Assurance applies to vehicles 20 years or newer with a maximum sale price below $100,000 with less than 250,000 miles on the odometer.

What vehicles are not eligible for ADESA Assurance?
ADESA Assurance doesn’t cover commercial/factory in factory sales, total loss, specialty sales, in-op sales, flood, salvage vehicles and off-the-block sales. See terms and conditions for full details.

How many days is the vehicle protected?
Dealers have up to 21 days to submit a claim to return the vehicle to an ADESA auction. A return must be initiated before the end of the 21st calendar day after the purchase date, with the purchase date being day zero.

Need more protection time?
If you use CarsArrive Network for transport of an ADESA Assurance vehicle, we'll increase your guarantee to 30 days. If the vehicle is returned, we'll refund your transportation cost up to $250. ADESA Assurance and CarsArrive Network must both be selected at the time of purchase to qualify.

Can a vehicle be returned for any reason? If so, how much is the return?
Yes, a vehicle can be returned for any reason within the mileage allotment and in like condition. You will be reimbursed the purchase price, plus the buy fee.*

What happens if I already receive an automatic PSI?
If you don’t want a PSI automatically generated on your purchased vehicles, please inform ADESA when you set up your subscription. You can then manually request or select PSI at the time of purchases.

What paperwork do I need to return a vehicle?
A vehicle return form must accompany the vehicle for check in and inspection purposes. A negotiable title must accompany the vehicle to the returning ADESA auction location agreed to at time of claim submission.

What if I want to return a vehicle that would have been covered under arbitration?
To comply with NAAA guidelines and protect the ADESA Assurance guarantee, we recommend—if you have a valid arbitration—to follow the arbitration process at the ADESA auction purchasing location before returning the vehicle through ADESA Assurance.

How do I stop my ADESA Assurance subscription service?
You may terminate the subscription service at any time upon written notice via email to

File a Claim

Log in to and view "Purchases"
Screen shot of view purchases link on
From the "Purchases" page, select the vehicle that is being requested for return and "Submit a Claim"
Screen shot of the submit a claim link

To learn more about returning a vehicle, or to start a claim, contact ADESA at or call 833-322-9578.

Provide the following information to file a claim:

Have a question?

Please contact us.
Phone: 833-322-9578

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*See terms and conditions for full details.