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  • Join a sale faster
  • Enjoy new features for multiple dealership bidding:
    • Bid for multiple dealerships at the same time
    • Easily see bidding permissions for all your dealerships


New features for December


  • WATCH LIST ENHANCEMENTS — We are introducing a number of improvements to the accessibility and
    functionality of the Watch List feature on
  • ADD RUN LIST VEHICLES TO ADESA.COM WATCH LIST FROM RUN LIST SEARCH RESULTS PAGES — Vehicles from the "Classic" Run List Search Results page can now be added to your Watch List. To add a vehicle, click the blue "Watch List" text under the "Actions" column on the far left of the page.
  • VIEW LIVEBLOCK VEHICLES ON THE ADESA.COM WATCH LIST — We have now integrated the Watch List feature on with LiveBlock. Currently, the Watch List only includes DealerBlock inventory. Going forward, units you add to your LiveBlock Watch List will also be shown on your Watch List on
  • UPDATED SORTING OPTIONS ON ADESA.COM WATCH LIST — Additional sorting options – "Sale Date", "Lane", and "Run #" – have been added to accommodate Run List and LiveBlock inventory.
  • PRINT/EXPORT FEATURE ADDED — We've added the ability to print an Watch List and added the option to export a Watch List to Excel.
  • WATCH LIST BUTTON ADDED TO SEARCH RESULTS PAGE LISTINGS — A Watch List button has been added to each vehicle listing on the Search Results pages, making it easier to add DealerBlock, Run List, and LiveBlock vehicles to a Watch List.
  • WATCH LIST BUTTON ADDED TO VEHICLE DETAIL PAGE HEADER — A Watch List button has been added to the header of the Vehicle Detail pages.

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