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ADESA Simulcast

The New Live

ADESA Simulcast is the new way to join live sales at ADESA Auctions

ADESA Simulcast is the new way to join live sales. ADESA Simulcast has a responsive, user-friendly design that makes it faster and easier to bid and buy cars online.

ADESA Simulcast is based on technology from Velocicast, a proven platform used by more than 150 independent auctions across North America.

Join the live sales faster—nothing to download or install

Expand bidding window to fit any size monitor, even multiple screens

View an unlimited number of auction lanes

Review condition reports with detailed photos

Scan on screen VIN barcodes with your favorite valuation app

screenshots of ADESA Simulcast

How to join a sale

Desktop User

  • Log in to; we recommend using the Google Chrome browser
  • Go to the Search drop-down menu in the top-left corner
  • Then select the Live Sale Schedule page
  • Scroll to the sale you want
  • Click the JOIN button to enter the sale

If the sale is on ADESA Simulcast, you will automatically see the new bidding screen.

Buyer user guide

Mobile App User

  • Download the ADESA Marketplace App to join live sales at any ADESA auction.
Available on the App Store
Android App on Google Play

Buy at Multiple Auctions

Use ADESA Simulcast to monitor sales and buy from any of our 70+ ADESA locations.

Launch Schedule

Map of Simulcast rollout - West April-May - Midwest May - South and East May-June - Canada June

United States

Auction Location First Simulcast Sale*
ADESA Sacramento 03/14/19
ADESA East Tennessee 03/28/19
ADESA Portland 04/15/19
ADESA Phoenix 04/17/19
ADESA Brasher's 04/23/19
ADESA Fresno 04/26/19
ADESA Northwest 05/01/19
ADESA Reno 05/01/19
ADESA Golden Gate 05/02/19
ADESA Las Vegas 05/02/19
ADESA San Diego 05/02/19
ADESA Salt Lake 05/07/19
ADESA Seattle 05/07/19
ADESA Boise 05/09/19
ADESA Colorado Springs 05/09/19
ADESA Fargo 05/09/19
ADESA Los Angeles 05/10/19
ADESA Tulsa 05/10/19
ADESA Des Moines 05/14/19
ADESA Indianapolis 05/14/19
ADESA Kansas City 05/21/19
ADESA Lansing 05/14/19
ADESA Flint 05/15/19
ADESA Sioux Falls 05/15/19
ADESA St. Louis 05/15/19
ADESA Cleveland 05/16/19
ADESA Nashville 05/16/19
ADESA Chicago 05/17/19
ADESA Cincinnati/Dayton 05/21/19
ADESA Memphis 05/21/19
ADESA Minneapolis 05/21/19
ADESA Shreveport 05/22/19
ADESA Lexington 05/23/19
ADESA Little Rock 05/23/19
ADESA Knoxville 05/24/19
ADESA Queen City 05/24/19
ADESA Austin 05/28/19
ADESA Pittsburgh 05/28/19
ADESA Dallas 05/29/19
ADESA Houston 05/29/19
ADESA PA 05/22/19
ADESA San Antonio 05/30/19
ADESA Mercer 05/31/19
ADESA Raleigh 05/31/19
ADESA Buffalo 06/04/19
ADESA Concord 06/04/19
ADESA Syracuse 06/05/19
ADESA Washington DC 06/05/19
ADESA Charlotte 06/06/19
ADESA New Jersey 06/06/19
ADESA Boston 06/07/19
ADESA Long Island 06/07/19
ADESA Tampa 06/10/19
ADESA Orlando 06/11/19
ADESA Birmingham 06/12/19
ADESA Atlanta 06/12/19
ADESA Jacksonville 06/12/19
ADESA Ocala 06/14/19
ADESA Sarasota 06/14/19

*Location dates may be subject to change

Canada Launch Schedule


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